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Our History

Thank you for making us one of West Island's most popular driving schools! Thanks to you & your amazing referrals.


We're an SAAQ Certified Driving School in the heart of the West Island of Montreal. We serve all parts of the West, plus Pincourt, Ile-Perrot, Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Hudson, and Saint-Lazare. We offer driving lessons & road test preparation for Quebec's Graduated Licensing System.

In 2020, we started a project with the community of La Romaine and Pakuashipi, serving the communities to ensure that they have the services that we get in Montreal and allowing them to get fully licensed. Now in 2022, we are working on expanding into 9 different communities in the Northern sectors. More details to follow in the second quarter of the year.


Founded in 1989, The West Island Motor League is one of the highest-rated driving schools in the province of Quebec. Its name is synonymous with excellence, service, and satisfaction.

We provide thorough instruction, both in-class and in-car to ensure our students understand the importance of safe driving, which is why our student success rates are among one of the best in the province. 

Our extensive driver training program is designed to guarantee results in a comprehensive, step-by-step easy to follow format and is presented by our faculty of knowledgeable highly qualified licensed professional instructors.


It's never just theory, our in-class lessons provide proven tips, techniques, and skills relevant to your safety.


The West Island Motor League is accredited by the SAAQ


Steven Lang, Course Director

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