Finding a certified instructor is hard enough these days and managing the existing overload of students with scheduling constraints is even harder. With oversized classrooms, lack of participation, your theory classes are perhaps not as interactive and fun as you want them to be. At WIML, we created the BIP program to assist other driving schools with their theory program. Whether it would be joining in on an existing online course, or whether you need one last minute. We are there to help you! 


Book an instructor on a scheduled module class                                                                                 

Book an instructor with more than 72 hours' notice                                                                             

Book an instructor less than a 72-hour notice                                                                                      

Book an instructor for same-day theory course (private or scheduled)                                            

...... $28.00/hour + tx

...... $32.00/hour + tx

...... $35.00/hour + tx   

...... $39.00/hour + tx

BIP Program Registration

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