§ Latest updated on COVID-19 and our scooter season §

Due to the uncertainties of the pandemic, we have decided to scale down on our scooter operation this year.

We hope to be a full force as of our 2022 season.

For 2021, we will be offering the following services under our scooter division: 

§ Private lessons, road practice after your knowledge test (See prices below) 

§ Limited scooter courses, given 2 times per month starting in June 2021.
§ Registration page to open Mid-May. 

Scooter Prices

± Road practice: $65.00+tx/h

± Scooter basic course: $350.00+tx (3-hour theory, 3-hour circuit)

± Scooter plus course: $450.00+tx (3-hour theory, 3-hour circuit, 2-hour road practice)

Call 514-457-7777 for more information.