W.I.M.L Advantage

Passenger & Motorcycle(6A) Vehicles Only

The W.I.M.L Advantage program runs parallel to the students driving school program. We are the only school in the West Island that offers this advantage to our students. This program is available to all students enrolled in our passenger vehicle & motorcycle class 6A program. With the W.I.M.L Advantage, the West Island Motor League is so confident that you will pass on your first try, we will give you an extra lesson free of charge if you do not.


How does it work?

With the W.I.M.L Advantage, students will be able to receive private one-on-one training if they:

  • fail the S.A.A.Q practical exam on their first try;or

  • are involved in a road accident (passenger vehicle only)**


The student can receive up to two (2) hours of training prior to their follow up test with the S.A.A.Q.


Here is how you qualify:

Students must register for the complete drivers education program and complete all the required training, both in-car lessons and theory lessons. Upon completion of your course you will automatically be enrolled in our W.I.M.L Advantage Program which is valid for 12 months after the completion of your driving education program.


The Fine Print

  • A student must complete their RSEP Driving Program within their 18 month contract

  • The student is entitled to only one refresher session during a twelve month period, lasting up to two (2) hours.


    **If you are involved in an accident up to one year after completion of the course, we will provide two (2) hours of private lessons to regain your confidence on the road.